Four Ways To Bring Yoga Into Your Daily Life

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Yoga isn’t meant to be practiced solely for an hour each day when your mat is rolled out. The very heart of the practice is meant to spill over into each area of your life. Allowing the spiritual aspect of yoga to influence your decision-making daily can lead to a more compassionate and fulfilling life that you can be grateful for. For yogis who are just beginning to study the philosophy and tradition of yoga, it can be overwhelming to consider how it applies to the more mundane aspects of your life.

For a few tips on how to bring yoga into your daily life, check out this list of helpful reminders.


1. Take Time Throughout The Day To Pause

Much of a regular yoga practice is designed to help you take time for reflection. What is your body saying that it needs? What places does your mind wander when left unattended? By taking a few moments throughout the day to connect to the breath and check in with the mind, you can feel more connected to your physical, mental, and spiritual needs.

Every couple of hours, try to take a step back from your work to spend 5 minutes meditating. Simply roll yourself back from your desk, close your eyes, and place your palms face up on the tops of your thighs. It allows you to be open to receive what the universe has to offer.


2. Set An Intention 

Setting an intention is different than merely setting a goal for your practice each day. Your aim should be something that moves your heart a little bit closer to where you would like it to be. Whether you want to become more grateful for your life or cultivate an attitude of joy, your intention can reflect whatever you feel you most need. Bring that intention with you as you make small decisions throughout the day, and as you meditate, bring awareness to the life that you are attempting to create for yourself.


3. Eat Healthily 

It may not seem like an obvious step to take to bring yoga into your daily life, but it is so important to care for your physical body well. Eating healthy is a form of self-compassion and self-love. It gives you more energy to focus on what needs to be accomplished and gives you strength to do those things and maintain your regular yoga practice. Select healthy snacks over vending machine junk food during the afternoon slump.


4. Take Plenty Of Time To Rest 

Sleep and rest can definitely go hand in hand, though they aren’t always the same thing. Resting can be as simple as taking part in a hobby you enjoy that leaves you feeling energized. It is taking time to connect with your heart’s desires and making them a reality. If it leaves you feeling recharged, you are doing a great job of practicing self-care and self-compassion, both essential pieces of yogic philosophy.



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