Easy Style Hacks to Upgrade Your Yoga Wardrobe

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How we present ourselves in the world can translate how we feel, think, and what we want to share with others. Fashion is innately personal as what we wear and how we wear it can translate a piece of ourselves for the outside world to interpret. Creating a unique style, whether consciously cultivated or subconsciously developed, can be satisfying and help us feel confident to engage in the world around us and assist in positive interactions with others.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you most likely have a certain fashion style that is your go-to look. This is a great thing. However, yoga philosophy teaches us that remaining in a set way can create attachment and stubbornness. There is a comfort found in the familiar, but there can also be a debilitating stagnancy that forms. When habit starts to limit us from taking chances and trying new things, it’s time to shake things up a bit and consider life from a different perspective. Freedom from routine can foster a heightened awareness of the present moment, which can awaken our senses to even more beauty that the world has to offer. If you feel like your wardrobe has fallen into a comfortable routine, here are a few simple ways you can switch it up and stay stylish. You never know which fashion hack will become your new favorite feature.

Tie It Up

Crop tops are hugely popular at the moment, and if you’re a dedicated yogi, you can use a little extra airflow during a sweaty session. Make your own crop top by tying the front of a loose t-shirt in a knot just below your bra line. If you are brave enough, you can even take a favorite old t-shirt and cut a line just below the bra line for a more permanent crop-top effect.

Go Loose

While stretchy polyester yoga pants have become the standard bottoms for modern yogis in the studio and out of the town, it can be refreshing to wear a loose pant with optimum airflow and a romantic look. As long as the bottoms feature an elastic waistband, the pant legs can be as free flowing as you like, so long as they hit just above the ankle. Try wearing a pair featuring a hypnotic, intricate geometric pattern in bold colors. Paired with a fitted top, a gypsy-style wide-length pant can be comfortable and stylish.

Throw In Some Hair Accessories

If you usually go simple with no hair accessories beyond a pony tail holder, try wearing a wide headband with a vibrant pattern. Vice versa, if you have a drawer full of scrunchies and hair goods, try going simple with just a ponytail holder or a single hairclip.

Try A Minimalist Color Block

If you normally wear a kaleidoscope of colors to your yoga practice, try wearing a top and pants, like these, with a very similar color tone and no patterns.

Experiment with your wardrobe by making minor adjustments, and you will feel the difference!


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