Cobra Pose

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The cobra pose is also known as Bhujangasana. It is a posture that promoted flexibility and opens up the heart. It also strengthens your arms and wrist.

How To Perform The Pose

  1. Step 1 – To start, lie down, face down on the yoga mat. Stretch the back of your legs while the top of your feet remain flat to the ground. Spread your arms out on the ground under the shoulders. Hug your elbows toward the back of your body.
  2. Step 2 – Firmly press your pubis, the thighs of both your legs and the top of your feet into the ground.
  3. Step 3 – While gradually inhaling, start to straighten your arms in order to lift your chest off the ground. Lift only to a certain height where you can maintain a firm connection between the pubis and the legs. Gradually press your tailbone toward your pubis, followed by lifting your pubis to your navel. Now, narrow your hip points. Make sure to firm your buttocks but do not harden them at all.
  4. Step 4 – Keep your shoulder blades firmly against your back by puffing the sides of your ribs toward the front. Try lifting through the top of your sternum, but make sure to avoid pushing the front of your rib forward, which would lead to hardening the lower part of your back. While bending your back, make sure to distribute the bed evenly throughout your spine. Don’t concentrate on any specific point.
  5. Step 5 – Hold on to the posture for fifteen to thirty seconds while breathing gradually and easily. Upon exhalation, release your pose and return to the ground. You can perform this pose more than once. Gradually increase your pose holding duration.


  • Strengthens your spine 
  • Stretches your chest as well as lungs
  • Firms and strengthens the buttocks 
  • Helps to relieve stress as well as fatigue
  • Stretches your abdomen as well as shoulders
  • Stimulates the organs of your abdomen
  • Opens your lungs as well as heart
  • Works as a therapy for asthma
  • Helps to soothe sciatica
  • It is traditionally stated that it increases the heat of the body, destroys various diseases as well as works in awakening Kundalini

Mistakes And Contradictions

If you have any kind of back injury, then avoid practicing this pose. Patients suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome are also recommended not to exercise this pose. While suffering from a headache, you must not indulge in practicing this pose. It is also advised that you should not practice the pose during pregnancy.

How To Perform The Pose Perfectly

To perform the pose to perfection, do not overstretch your back. Perform it as per your capacity and do not strain your body. Try to find the apt height at which you must perform the pose. To do the same, take away your hands and without any support, find a height via an extension.

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