5 Best Yoga Classes on YouTube

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Thank goodness for the internet. The amount of resources available at our fingertips is astonishing! You can look up smoothie recipes, find out why your car is making a funny clanking noise, and shop for new yoga leggings all from the comfort of the couch. One of the greatest benefits, especially for the budget conscious, is the abundance of free courses and instructional videos.



For those days when your yoga studio seems too far away, or that $15 drop-in fee isn’t making your wallet look good, try one of these 5 classes that you can do from anywhere:

1. Beginner’s Morning Yoga Sequence

Some of us have so many day to day commitments, the only time we have for ourselves and our yoga practice in the morning. Make the most of “me” time with this great morning sequence that will ease you into your day with poses like Downward Dog, Low Lunge, and Wide Leg Forward Fold. As the world wakes up, wake your body up too!

2. Flexibility and Range of Motion with Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles is a popular yoga instructor and the creator of Strala Yoga. She has several videos on YouTube, but one of the best ones for improving your skillset is this, the Flexibility and Range of Motion training. This will open up your body and help you be able to deepen poses while also reducing stiffness in the body that comes from hours hunched over at a desk. The pace may be a bit fast for some beginners; yogis with knowledge of basic poses should be able to keep up.

3. Yoga for Strength, Beginner Arm Balances with Kino

Have you been too intimidated to try arm balances? Not anymore! Kino makes it look easy, but her brilliant instruction will have you holding Crow in no time. This video is also great for building arm strength, which will aid you in every aspect of your yoga practice, no just arm balances. Kino’s encouragement and detailed instruction make even the toughest poses accessible.

4. Vinyasa Yoga Class by Faith Hunter

Sometimes it’s easier to try something new when no one is watching or judging us (even though they probably aren’t anyway!). Many yoga newbies are too nervous to give Vinyasa a try, mostly because it moves more quickly than a Hatha class and requires a combination of concentration and strength. The goal of Vinyasa is to synchronize breath and movement, which can be a challenge when we are not used to doing that in everyday life. Faith provides an excellent 30-minute introduction to the Vinyasa style that is free-flowing, simple but still engaging enough for those who want to be challenged.

5. 60-minute Slow Flow Power Yoga

Have you gotten your fill of short introductory videos and are ready to tackle something a bit longer? This hour-long class will provide you with an amazing and challenging workout that will give you the confidence to deepen your practice and explore poses that, while difficult, are never impossible. Don’t let the “slow flow” part fool you; this class is not for beginners. If you’ve taken a few classes, have a basic knowledge of poses, and are in relatively good shape, you should be able to handle it. There are plenty of modifications; never feel like you have to prove anything to yourself by forcing your body to do something it isn’t ready for.

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